Bonnie Crotzer

Michael Waldrop

With an extensive and professional background in dance, bodywork, yoga, pilates, and biomechanical flexibility and strength, Bon developed her movement method and platform The Floss to educate people on the often overlooked source of health – our fascia network. Bon’s Fascia Flossing classes and private sessions resculpt the body’s foundational structure through a personalized combination of physical manipulation, guided resistance movement, and engaged muscle elongation techniques.

The Floss is all about: Remapping your network of fascia. By using an engaged elongation technique we can cause an “internal exfoliation” of your structural connective tissue. At the Floss people find space and comfort in their bodies that they didn’t know they could have. Classes are curated to alleviate scar tissue, densified fascia, and systemic stagnation for an immediate sense of improved mobility, tension relief and symmetrical posture.