Nubian Néné

Joffrey Ballet School

Nubian Néné is a New York based dancer/choreographer who finds inspiration weaving street/club dances she’s practiced for 20 years to create her unique style. Her Haitian roots have helped paved her way with resilience and hard work, giving her the ability to expand into a producer, a creative director, a curator, a teacher, and much more, making her an asset to any project. Her mentors are some of the pioneers of the Hip Hop culture, encouraging her lifetime involvement with cultural awareness, community engagement, and event producing. In 2017, Waack Bazaar, a festival dedicated to the Waacking culture and its heritage, is created, and is inspired by The Essence Experience (2014), her waacking teaching program. She’s taught at Illadelph, Funky Fundamentals, Block Party, Summer Dance Forever, and Juste Debout, just to name a few. Created in 2012, A Lady in the House Co.’s mission is to express truly, while maintaining the integrity of Black forms of dance and to innovate performance experiences through multidisciplinary mediums. Its vernacular is street/club dances, with a desire to break and try forms, as seen in Lato Oscuro (2012), Lux e Tenebris (2013), STANCE (2016), and R A L L Y (2018), featured at festivals such as LOHH, Harlem Stage, INSITU, and Summer Stage. The company’s latest work dualis (2022), performed by Tatiana Desardouin, is a step toward a new choreographic approach, and with Signature Verses Liberation (2022), Nubian Néné hits a milestone revealing herself as a visual artist, exhibiting at JOAT Art (2022).