Jawkeen Howard

Michael Waldrop

Jawkeen Howard is an American hip hop choreographer. He describes his style as fun,smooth, intricate, wild, energetic, and melodic movement inspired by the late Bob Fosse. A leader at heart, Jawkeen continues to teach, mentor and support his community, in addition to advancing his career within the dance industry. He has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson Estate, Britney Spears, Cirque du Soleil, NFL Pro bowl, Las Vegas Raiders, Jill Scott, Area 15, Tina Guo and many more.

Jawkeen traveled the world in Michael Jackson’s Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil and performed with MJ One by Cirque du soleil. Jawkeen is committed to always aiming higher, working harder, and going further to reach his goals; he intends to fulfill his purpose as a successful creative director, so that his vision may be seen by the world.

Jawkeen Howard is a game-changer who looks forward to showing the entire entertainment industry what Las Vegas has to offer.