Caterina Rago

Joffrey Ballet School

Caterina Rago: Artistic Director, Choreographer and Founder of CRDance Company and TDM, its educational dance program, Rago, a native of Italy, founded the company in 2007. She holds an MFA from l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza, (Rome).

She joined the Martha Graham Dance Company in 2009 after completing the company’s Professional Training Program, and received commissions from Steffi Nossen Dance Foundation, Accademia Nazionale di Danza and Peridance Capezio Dance Center where she’s on the faculty. Rago was named Emerging Choreographer for MET Dance Company (Houston). She restaged Martha Graham’s 1935 work, Panorama for Accademia Nazionale Di Danza at Rome’s Soirees Dans and Karole Armitage’s American Dream for the Ravello Festival. CRDance Company is now taking choreography beyond stage-based performance while also creating major new works, such as Morso D’Amore.