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Youth Ballet

Ballet, Pointe and Variations
Ages 8 – 18

Community Ballet Classes
Ages 8 – 18

Boys Ballet
Ages 8 – 18

Lets start learning ballet together.


AGES 8 – 18

This is a great program for the beginner to the advanced dancer and provides a nurturing and fun learning environment. The dancer learns ballet in a fun classroom setting with live Piano in each class.

The learning experience elevates the ballet tradition embracing both the fun and discipline of dance. The dancer will learn dance terms and the building blocks of movement to progress onto more advanced levels of dance training. Live piano music makes this learning environment unforgettable, enriching and fun.

This program has two fabulous and huge performances each year.


Childrens and Youth Registrar


New Students will need to take a Trial Class in order to be placed into the correct class/level.

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Multiple Classes Per Week Required

Level 1

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 8 and up

Level 1

The dancer takes two classes per week and focuses on the beautiful elements of ballet movement, posture, weight transfer, large and small poses as well as allegro. Dancers begin turns and establish the base of ballet for future dance classes. Your dancer will be blown away by the live music in this class.

Pre-Professional Experience
Two Ballet classes per week required.

Level 2

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 9 and up

Level 2

This class is great for the beginner but also builds off of Level 1. Dancers take three classes per week. Learning Ballet is never dull and the dancers will be engaged in the learning environment with LIVE MUSIC in each class. Dancers learn self confidence, coordination, balance, and form. The classes progress with quarter and demi-pointe as well as linking moves together with repetitions. The class covers many basic steps with an increased pace. Pirouettes are introduced and Pre Pointe is begun slowly in the last fifteen minutes of each class to prepare the students feet and legs for Pointe. Your child will be transformed with a passion for dance as each class produces more and more fun filled moments in learning.

For those who have completed Level 1.

Pre-Professional Experience
Three Ballet classes and 2 Pointe classes per week required.

Level 3

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 11 and up

Level 3

These dancers take five fabulous classes per week; three Ballet and two Pointe/Variations. Dancers gain confidence as their ability grows. The live music in these classes continues the educational process that focuses in on leaps, jumps, turns, posture, balance and so much more. Dancers work more on demi-pointe and pointe as they leap and spin their way to utter dance joy.

For those who have completed Level 2.

Pre-Professional Experience
Four Ballet classes and 2 Pointe/Variations classes per week required.

Level 4

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 13 and up

Level 4

This level of dance has six amazing classes per week. The dancers are fully immersed in numerous steps, combinations, spins, jumps, leaps and the flow of movement. Dancers are turning on demi-pointe and are learning complex and expressive movements. All classes have live music and cultivate self confidence, balance, posture and discipline.

For those who have completed Level 3.

Pre-Professional Experience
Five Ballet classes and 2 Pointe/Variations classes per week required.

Level 5

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 15 and up

Level 5

These talented and committed dancers take seven classes per week. They are fully dedicated to ballet training with emphasis on posture, pointe, multiple combinations, jumps, turns, leaps, combinations and expressive dance. There is Live Music in all of their classes.

For those who have completed Level 4.

Pre-Professional Experience
Five Ballet classes and 2 Pointe/Variations classes per week required.

Boys Program

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 8 – 18

Boys Ballet (All Levels)

Ages 8-18

The boys work on strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and begin to study basic principles of ballet. All boys are to attend their ballet technique classes for their specific level as well as this Boys Class on Saturdays.

Ages 7-9
The Foundations of Ballet for Boys class has been designed to introduce young boys to the attributes necessary to becoming a successful male dancer in Classical Ballet. This program allows boys to gain confidence in their dancing with the support of a caring and nurturing faculty. The boys work on strength, balance,agility, flexibility, and begin to study basic principles of ballet.
Pre-Professional Experience
All boys are to attend their ballet technique classes for their specific level as well as this Boys Class on Saturdays.

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1 Class Per Week

Beginner Ballet

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 8 to 10

Beginner Ballet (Ages 8 to 10)

Beginner Ballet is the first year of classical ballet training. The class will focus on the basic elements of correct postural alignment, weight transfer, and basic steps of the Ballet vocabulary. This very important level is vital in establishing a firm base on which future training will be built.

Open Experience
Register for 1 class a week of your choosing.

Intermediate Ballet

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 11 to 13

Intermediate Ballet (Ages 11 to 13)

Intermediate Ballet progresses the basic elements of Beginner Ballet. The aplomb is further developed with the use of demi pointe. The range of basic steps is expanded, with more emphasis on linking steps together, with more repetitions. There is added emphasis on the coordination of all of the parts of the body. The tempo for many basic steps is gradually increased, and pirouettes are introduced

Open Experience
Register for 1 class per week of your choosing.

Teen Ballet

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 13 and up

Teen Ballet (Ages 13 and up)

This class provides a perfect beginner ballet experience for teens who have had limited to no prior ballet training. Focus in this level will be on body alignment, placement, flexibility, strength, grace, poise, and most of all – a fun nurturing environment.

Open Experience
Register for 1 class per week of your choosing.

Advanced Ballet

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 14 and up

Advanced Ballet (Ages 14 and up)

Advanced Ballet has an increased emphasis on turning both on the demi-pointe and en l’air in allegro steps. There is also an increased emphasis on the flow of movement from the various learned poses. Steps begin to be linked in more complex and expressive ways.

Open Experience
Register for 1 class per week of your choosing.

Contemporary Styles

Live Music in All Classes

Ages 8 and up

Contemporary Styles

The students will use improvisational dance to explore the connections between movement and emotional response. Students will begin to integrate basic Modern Dance and Ballet technique into their choreographic and improvisational explorations. Students will explore using several Jazz and Modern Dance styles to enlarge and enhance their movement vocabulary. The students will experiment with weight on and off balance. The students expand their exploration of the effect of time space and energy on the quality of their movements. The students will be encouraged to bring theatricality and emotional response more organically into their dancing.

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Live Music in All Classes

Classes run from Sep 10, 2018 - May 24, 2019



Youth Ballet Pricing

$150 Per Class, Per Month*

+ $50 Non-Refundable Registration Fee

One Class Per Week

Full Payment Plan (1 Payment)

Full Payments are due upon registration.

Monthly Payment Plan:

Payments are automatically charged on the 1st of every month

This plan applies to:
Youth Ballet Classes (Levels 1-5)

Registration is open and ongoing through the year. Registration and commitment is per semester.

Boys Ballet Class Pricing

$50 Per Class, Per Month

All boys are to attend their ballet technique classes for their specific level as well as the Boys Class on Saturdays. The Boys Ballet class on Saturdays is $50 per month.

Beginner Teen & Contemporary Pricing

$60 Per Class, Per Month

Elective Classes (Optional)

The Beginner Teen and Contemporary Classes are elective classes offered by the Joffrey Ballet School. Each class is $60 a month.

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It is the policy of the Center for American Dance / Joffrey Ballet School that all tuition and other fees paid shall not be refunded at any time, regardless of the time of cancellation by the student or student’s parents or guardians or whether the relevant program has commenced. In the event that the relevant program has been cancelled by the Center for American Dance / Joffrey Ballet School, the School will make best efforts to move the student into a substantially similar program; in the event that no such substantially similar program exists, the School will issue a full refund.

A fee of $15.00 will be charged for any credit card/debit card charge not honored by the bank for any reason when processing any credit card/debit card charge. Please call us no less than thirty (30) days in advance of any change to your credit card/debit card account to prevent this $15.00 fee from being charged.

Full Payment Terms

Full Pay & Credit Card/Debit Card Charge Authorization:
Joffrey Ballet School offers customers the opportunity to purchase the right to participate on price per-class full payment option. Joffrey Ballet School accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card/debit card payments to permit customers to pay for these in full. The account can be frozen at $15 for 14 days or $30 for 30 days, in which time the dancer(s) cannot attend classes. If you wish to opt out in Spring, you will need inform us by December 1st. Please email with the subject line “JBS Children’s/Youth Ballet Program Spring Opt Out”.


Monthly Payment Terms

Auto-Pay & Credit Card/Debit Card Charge Authorization:

Joffrey Ballet School offers customers the opportunity to purchase the right to participate on a price per class monthly payment option. Joffrey Ballet School accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card/debit card credit card/debit card payments to permit customers to pay for these classes. The account can be frozen at $15 for 14 days or $30 for 30 days, in which time the dancer(s) cannot attend classes. If you wish to opt out in Spring, you will need inform us by December 1st. Please email with the subject line “JBS Children’s/Youth Ballet Program Spring Opt Out”.

Return Charges:
I acknowledge and agree that a fee of $15.00 will be charged for any credit card/debit card charge not honored by the bank for any reason when processing any credit card/debit card charge. I agree to notify Joffrey Ballet School no less than thirty (30) days in advance of any change to my credit card/debit card account to prevent this $15.00 fee from being charged.

No Transfer or Cancellation:
I acknowledge that this agreement is non-transferable.

In the event that there is an outstanding non-payment balance. Joffrey Ballet School must resort to retaining an attorney or collection agency to enforce payment under this agreement.

Children’s Ballet and Youth Ballet Classes

If you are injured or sick for more than 2 days, you must present a note from a doctor to the program director. Without a doctor’s note you will not be allowed in class until the director receives one. If you miss more than 4 unexcused classes within a semester, because of an injury or illness certain measures will be taken with the program director. Children arriving more than 15 minutes late may not be admitted to their class, at the discretion of the instructor.




Leotard in Black Color

Pink Ballet Tights

Black Wrapped Skirt

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Black Character Shoes (Only for those enrolled in Theater Dance Class)

You can purchase your leotards and gear from

White T-Shirt

Black Footed Tights

White/Black Socks

Black Ballet Slippers

You can purchase your gear from


Girls – Students’ hair must be neatly secured in a bun or twist with a hair net.

Boys – Any boys with hair longer than their neckline need to have it secured in a ponytail.

No jewelry is permitted to be worn in class other than tiny hoop earrings or stud earrings.

No necklaces, rings, watches, or bracelets are allowed.



Become the dancer that you dreamed you could be! Be a part of our signature performances; The Nutcracker (Fall) and Alice in Wonderland (Spring).


Students from the Joffrey Ballet School’s Ballet Trainee, Children’s and Youth Ballet program will present the full two act holiday tradition, “The Nutcracker”.

Performance Dates and Times:

Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 7pm
Saturday, December 15th, 2018 at 2pm and 7pm
Sunday, December 16th, 2018 at 1pm and 5pm

Location: LaGuardia Performing Arts Center @ LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, E-241 Long Island City, N.Y. 11101


A light hearted and child friendly retelling of Lewis Carroll’s, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. A colorful cast of talking rabbits, frogs, fish and caterpillars, a grumpy Red Queen and a White Queen who sees the world through rose colored glasses will escort the audience on this epic journey. Playing cards playing a game of croquet, a Mad Hatter hosting a Tea Tea Parties while Alice herself slides down rabbit holes and nibbles on magic cookies.

Performance Date:
Saturday, May 11, 2019

3:30pm ​and​ 6:00pm

Laguardia Performing Arts Center @ Laguardia College  [map]

31-10 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City
New York, NY 11101


Artistic Director of Children's Dance and Youth Dance Program

Jo Matos

Jo Matos is the Artistic Director for the Joffrey Ballet School’s Children’s Dance and Youth Ballet Programs and Summer Intensives in New York and Miami. She joined the Joffrey Ballet School, as a Director in 2008. Jo devised a curriculum and acts as liaison for a partnership between the Joffrey Ballet School and Fort Hamilton High School’s, “Joffrey Dance Academy” in Brooklyn. Jo teaches in the Children’s Dance, Youth Ballet and Ballet Trainee Program. She has over 35 years experience as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and arts administrator at many prestigious institutions, including Ballet Hispanico, The Hartford Ballet, and the University of Hartford. She is also the co-founder of “Dancing Day,” a school that brings dance to disabled children and adults. Jo’s work with autism and dance was featured in PBS documentaries in 1999 and 2004. Ms. Matos teaches as a Master Teacher around the country.  Jo trained at the School of the Hartford Ballet and performed with The Connecticut Children’s Ballet, the School of the Hartford Ballet and as a guest artist with Dance Now! Miami. Jo is the Artistic Advisor to Alison Cook Beaty Dance in New York City. She holds a BFA in Dance from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford.

Annastasia Mercedes

Annastasia Mercedes is a New York native. From a classical foundation, she went on to begin her professional studies in ballet and modern technique, pedagogy, and dance composition at the Hartt School, under the direction of Stephen Pier. She received her B.F.A in Ballet and Dance Pedagogy while studying under Nina Watt, Hilda Morales, Debra Collins-Ryder, Tim Melady, Samantha Dunster, and Gregory Dolbashian. She has performed in both classical and contemporary works to include choreography by Pascal Rioult, Charlotte Griffin, Martin Losfnes, Stephen Pier, Jose Limon, Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Anthony Tudor, and August Bournonville. In addition to her experiences in concert dance, Annastasia has appeared in a number of regional theatre productions including those at Hartford Stage under the direction of Darko Tresnjak. When not teaching at The Joffrey Ballet School, you can find her working with more children in NYC at Ballet Tech, Ballet Academy East, and Peridance Capezio Center. Annastasia believes versatility is essential and thus enjoys exploring every opportunity to expand her limits and has a passion for sharing the art of dance.

Giorgia Bovo

Giorgia Bovo was born in Biella, Italy, where she grew up until her dance studies brought her to Firenze to train on full scholarship at Scuola del Balletto di Toscana. While in Italy she worked with Junior Balletto di Toscana and Kaos-Balletto di Firenze. After moving to NY, Giorgia has worked with The Metropolitan Opera, Armitage Gone! Dance, The Francesca Harper Project, Bradley Shelver Dance Theater and Collective Body Dance Lab. She currently dances with Gabrielle Lamb, Rebecca Kelly Ballet, Indelible Dance, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance and Giada Ferrone. She has been featured on Dance Spirit and on Dance 212. As a choreographer she has created work for Uselessness Project and Indelible Dance. Giorgia enjoys teaching to students of all ages and she is an ABT® Certified Teacher in Pre-Primary through Level 5 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.

Vanessa Salgado

Vanessa is a New York City based Dance Artist, Educator, Illustrator, and Model. In her early dance training, she concentrated on classical ballet, studying with Tatiana Akinifieva-Smith, Elena Manakhova, and Betty Webster. Soon she joined a preprofessional ballet company and performed in many of the classics, including the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Coppélia. After high school, she made a dream come true: she moved to New York City to pursue dance. She attended the Alvin Ailey School in partnership with Fordham University at Lincoln Center and earned a BFA Degree in Dance Performance. While pursuing her degree as a scholarship student, she performed works by Zvi Gotheiner, Kevin Wynn, Elisa Monte, Robert Battle, Pascal Rioult, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Nathan Trice, Ronald K. Brown, Max Luna III, Troy Powell, and Alvin Ailey. She furthered her education through studies at American Ballet Theatre, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, and Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet.
Following graduation, she accepted professional performance opportunities in the concert and commercial dance spectrum. Since 2010, she has been performing with CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet, where she is a founding company member. There she has had the honor of working with such choreographers as Juanjo Arques, Amy Seiwert, Emery LeCrone, Tawny Chapman, and Donna Salgado. Her experience also includes performing with the Eastern Shore Ballet Theatre, Ailey/Fordham Student Dancers, Deborah Lohse’s ad Hoc Ballet, Nejla Yatkin’s NY2Dance, and Darion Smith’s Janusphere Dance Company. Within the commercial spectrum, she has performed in industrials for L’Oreal, the International Beauty Show, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS, and as a guest artist for corporate galas in Miami and Barcelona, Spain. She is currently represented by McDonald Selznick Associates in New York City.
Vanessa is also an accomplished dance educator. She holds a certification from the Dance Education Laboratory and has worked as an Associate for the Education Department at New York City Center. She has taught young dancers across Manhattan and has been part of the faculties of The School at Steps on Broadway, The Ballet Hispanico School, The Alvin Ailey First Steps Program, and the Joffrey Ballet School. Combining her interests in performing, teaching, and illustration, Vanessa is also the creator of Crafterina ® a series of dance education books & resources for families. Designed to spark the imagination and inspire movement, Crafterina playfully encourages empowerment and teaches youngsters they have the ability to make anything possible! Vanessa’s work has been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine,Dance Informa, and METRO US Newspaper, among others. For more information visit:

Youth Ballet & Adult Fitness Instructor

Tobin Eason

From Mandeville, Louisiana, Tobin Eason began his ballet training at the Apetrei Dance Center. He later continued his ballet studies at the Giacobbe Academy of Dance in New Orleans, LA with Richard Rholdon and Joseph Giacobbe. While in New Orleans, Tobin performed with the New Orleans Youth Ballet and Delta Festival Ballet Company. He continued his professional training through the School of American Ballet where he received a full scholarship in 2000. While at SAB, Tobin was awarded the Nureyev Foundation Scholarship Award.

In the summer of 2001, he attended ABT’s Summer Intensive on full scholarship. Eason joined American Ballet Theatre as an apprentice in 2002 and became a member of the company’s corps de ballet in April 2003. His roles with the company include the Cockerel in La Fille mal gardée, the Spanish Dance in Alexei Ratmansky’s The Nutcracker, a Groom in Petrouchka, the Neapolitan Dance in Swan Lake, and roles in classical ballet repertory such as Raymonda, Don Quixote, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Firebird, Kenneth Macmillan’s Romeo and Juliet, John Cranko’s Eugene Onegin, George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations, Agnes de Mille’s Rodeo, Twyla Tharp’s Baker’s Dozen, Paul Taylor’s Black Tuesday and Company B, to name a few. After leaving ABT, Tobin joined the Metropolitan Opera Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, performing in various operas including Aida, Mozart’s Die Zauberflote, Richard Strauss’s Arabella, Antonin Dvorak’s Rusalka, Don Giovanni, Macbeth, Tales of Hoffman, and Lucia di Lammermoor. In addition to performing, Mr. Eason also choreographs.

At the age of seventeen, Eason choreographed for American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company for its New York season and received favorable reviews by newspapers such as the New York Times. In 2012 he choreographed another work for former ABT principal dancer Michele Wiles’ company, Ballet Next, for their Brooklyn Academy of Music performances. Tobin also designed and painted the set for his piece at BAM and his sets were also featured at New York Live Arts Center in Manhattan. Outside of the dance scene, Tobin is also an oil painter, inspired by the varied landscapes he has seen around the world while traveling to perform. Dancers and performing artists also inspire him and are the subject of his work. His paintings will be featured in the gallery “The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York” in May 2015 and “Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor” in August 2015.

Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor

Scott Foxx

Also a Adult Fitness Ballet and Jazz Instructor.

Scott Fox a native of Roanoke, Virginia began his training at the “Roanoke City Magnet School for the Performing Arts. He attended a competition for the “Common Wealth of Virginia “Scholars program. Winning the award sealed his fate, and helped him pursue a new journey with “Peace Child”. Scott toured for 5 months with this children’s touring company visiting Russia, Latvia and Yermala.

Scott attended “Interlochen Arts Academy” to continued perfecting his craft. He studied Ballet and Jazz under Joe Orlando and Anne Krapin . He performed original works by Joe Orlando and David Keener (Virginia School of the Arts). Scott performed in the annual “Nutcracker” ballet as Interlochen’s first ethnic Fritz. He performed roles: Trapac, Dolls and Soldier Commander. Interlochen Arts Academy jolted the door for a transfer to “Virginia School of the Arts” with a full Scholarship. He studied under Mark Schnider, David Keener and the late Petrus Bosman. Scott studied at V.S.A. for two years. He performed in the showcase “Evening of Elegance”. That year he performed with Top Dancers Edward Morgan, Jenifer Galfan, and the late Fernando Bujones.

Scott auditioned for Southwest Virginia Ballet and was add as a new company member under the direction of Terri Post. Scott performed “”Coppllia” and original works for the company

In 1991 Scott was accepted into “North Carolina School of the Arts” !as a dance major under the “Deans Scholarship program” from Susan McCullough. Scott continued his training and performed ballets such as “Petruska”, restaged by Marina Eglevsky, “Holburg Suite” (Pas de nufe) restage by Auther Mitchell. “Sinfonietta” restaged by Susan McCullough. After four Years Scott graduated from the school with his degree in dance.

His Performing extends to: Kennedy Dancers NJ, Boca Ballet Theater, Carnival Cruise line, Vee Corporation, Roanoke Ballet Theater and Hard Rock Times Square players. He has had the opportunity to work under Director/Choreographer “Maria Torres” in the New York city windows Phone Launch. His duties included Choreography, staging and auditioning. He Currently is working with in the Broadway world with many shows like “lion King”, “Rock of Ages”, “Spider-man turn off the dark” and Radio City’s “Christmas Spectacular” under local 764.

His teaching credits include: Arias Dance NYC, Starquest National Competition, Diva Dance Academy, Roanoke City Magnet School, Davie Dance Academy, Radford University, National Ballet of Barbados and many others. Scott is on the faculty of Fancy Feet Dance Studio’s. Where he is teaching Men’s Classes and specialty Jumps and Turns Classes. He has also created and headed a Three week summer intensive for the school. The Summer included Voice with Broadway Star (Damian Norfleet), Ballet with Master teacher Tobin Eason (ABT) , and Scott Foxx.

Children's Dance Instructor

Ephrat Asherie

Also a Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor.

Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie has trained extensively in ballet and modern dance but found her artistic home in breaking, hiphop, house and voguing.  She began breaking in 2002 under Richard Santiago (aka Breakeasy) and soon after was introduced to house music.  She has been greatly influenced by the New York club scene ever since.  Ephrat has performed and taught throughout the US and Europe, as well as in Peru, South Africa and Israel. She has appeared on NBC, MTV, Comedy Central and at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and DTW.   Ephrat is a regular guest artist with Rennie Harris Puremovement and has worked with Bill Irwin, Buddha Stretch and Cori Olinghouse among others.  Her work has been presented at Dixon Place, The Bushwick Starr, The Flea, The Motherlode Theater and the Bendheim Performing Arts Center.  Ephrat is on faculty at Broadway Dance Center and dances with her crews FoxForceFive and MAWU.  She recently finished working on the show Magnifico, choreographed by Pilobolus.  She has a B.A. in Italian Language (summa cum laude) from Barnard College.  More information is available at

Children's Dance Instructor

Felipe Galganni

Also a Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Felipe Galganni started his training in dance and theater at the age of 10.  Mentored by Heather Cornell (Manhattan Tap), Felipe moved to New York City in the summer of 2010 to further his education in tap.  Since then he has had the honor of working with such great names on the tap scene as Tony Waag, Max Pollak (Rumba Tap), Chikako Iwahori, Lynn Schwab, Ray Hesselink, Michelle Dorrance, and Derick K. Grant. He has also studied under the master Brenda Bufalino and recently performed in one of her newest works.

In the nearly 15 years of his career, Felipe has given tap dance lessons at the best schools in Brazil, as well as worldwide for such well-known studios as Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center and the American Tap Dance Foundation in New York City. He has worked as a choreographer in shows and movies.  Revealing the unique Brazilian influence in his expression of tap dance, he also develops his own work with his company in New York City. Regarding his piece Fuga, the New York Times writes, “…Felipe Galganni juxtaposed the precision of tap with the curvaceousness of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. As two crouching, cartwheeling capoeiristas and six tappers wove through one another to Baden Powell’s ‘Berimbau,’ their musicality was contagious.

Felipe has performed at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, Joseph Papp’s Public Theater (Joe’s Pub), The NY Summer Stage, The Cotton Club, Metropolitan Room, The Bronx Museum, The New York City Center, Lavo NYC, Arlington Club, and others. As a Team Leader of New York’s Tap City festival, Felipe was interviewed by NBC Channel 4 in 2014.

Felipe is excited to share his love for tap dance with the students of the Joffrey Ballet School!

Children's Dance Instructor

Samara Seligsohn

Also a Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor.

Samara Seligsohn, originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, lives in NYC working as a professional tap dancer and teacher. She obtained a BA in dance from Barnard College (2012), and used her studies as a platform to explore tap dance history and choreography. Upon graduation, she studied heavily under the mentorship of Derick Grant, Lynn Schwab, and Nicholas Young. Currently, she is a member of Nicholas Young’s SoundMovement Dance Company and Chloe Arnold’s Apt#33, and has performed with these companies at major venues such as B.B. King Blues Club, Symphony Space, and the 14thStreet Y. Samara has also performed works by Derick Grant, Max Pollak, Felipe Galganni, and Leonardo Sandoval. She is also a recent alumna of the Jacob’s Pillow Tap Program, and a faculty member at Steps on Broadway.

Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor

Sekou McMiller

At the forefront of a new movement in the Latin dance world. Sekou’s unique style of Latin dance rich with Afro-Carribean essence and laced with techniques from many genres of dance combined with his explosive energy on and off stage, has earned Sekou’s dancing and instructing broad recognition World-wide. Sekou made his NYC Off-Broadway debut and International Tour with Celia the Musical. He is the founder and artist director of Proyecto Descarga, an Internationally recognized Afro-Latin Dance Company. Sekou has performed and choreographed for Top latin artist such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willie Colon, Cheo Feliciano, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Rojas, Tito Nieves, PitBull and the pop icon MADONNA. In addition Sekou has worked with the Radio City Rockettes and has over 14 years of instructing and performing at Latin Dance Conventions all over North and South America, Europe and Asia. Also he has conducted Master Classes in New York, Chicago, LA, Seoul, Tokyo, San Diego, Seattle, Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, Miami, Shanghai, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, Manchester, Warsaw, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Rome, Paris, Brussels and many other international hubs of dance. As a current faculty member at the Peridance Capezio Center NYC, Sekou has developed a curriculum for his trademark Contemporary Afro Latin Fusion Style. He also instructs at Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey (Summer 2014) and NYU.

Children's Dance Instructor

Eva “Busta Moves” Moore

Also a Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor.

Trained in house, hip hop and breakdancing Eva Bust a’ Move, who is originally from Guatemala and now a Harlem b-girl is a powerhouse of a performer. Outside of bringing her unique style to the Haus of Sweat, Eva Bust a’ Move is an apprentice for Ephrat Asherie Dance Company, teaches hip hop to teens and is a flash mob choreographer.

Gaiane Akopian

Also a Ballet Trainee Instructor.

Born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Russia, graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St,Petersburg, Russia and the Yerevan State Choreographic College. Had the privilege to study under the two ballet legends, A.Vaganova’s former students F.Balabina, and N.Dudinskaya.

Ms.Akopian is on faculty: Joffrey Ballet Trainee program NYC, JBS Master Teacher program.
Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers NYC – Figure Skating Ballet instructor.

Gaiane performed around the world and has been recognized by critics worldwide. She danced in numerous classical and contemporary ballets. Performed as principal dancer with the Armenian National Ballet Theater, Thuringian State Ballet, Germany and GR Ballet Company.

Some of her leading roles include Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Giselle, Carmen, The Nutcracker, La Fille Mal Gardee, Cinderella, Firebird, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Wolfe, Ara Beautiful, Scheherazade, Eugene Onegin, Enigma, CanCan , Les Liasons Dangereusesand various Balanchine pieces.

She was acknowledged by the critics of the Ballet International Tanz Aktuell European magazine as one of Germany’s best dancer, in 1995, and won the Grand –Prix as the dancer of the year in 1997. In 2002 Ms. Akopian was praised in the Musis Sacrum book titled “100 Years Theaterhaus Gera”, (Germany). In 2006 she appeared in “Amazing Women of West Michigan” book among the most influential women of West Michigan community.

Past: Works with Figure skaters in Patterson Ice Center, Greater Grand Rapids Figure Skating Club, MI – registered with the United Skates Figure Association. Ms. Akopian worked as a Founder Artistic Director, and Board Of Directors member of Michigan Ballet Academy, choreographed and prepared students for competitions as well as staged numerous ballet performances.

Ms. Akopian is very committed to excellence, likes to share her rich stage experience and feels very proud of her students who perform professionally in various ballet companies after studying under her guidance.

Children's Dance Instructor

Lauren Jaeger

Also a Youth Ballet Instructor.

Lauren Jaeger is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Dance Performance. She is a member of the Buglisi Dance Theatre, with whom she has performed and toured both nationally and internationally. Lauren has played a key role in organizing, rehearsing and participating in Buglisi’s Table of Silence Project, which takes place annually at Lincoln Centre on 9/11. She has also performed professionally with Ballet Ambassadors in NYC, The Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, ACB Dance, and with James Robey Dance (formerly Bare Bones Dance Project) in Ridgefield, CT. Currently, Lauren is teaching at The School at Peridance, Greenwich Dance Studio, and The Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains. Lauren also taught, and was the Assistant Choreographer of the Nutcracker, at the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance while attending college; and at Ballet Hispanico in 2008 – 2009. She is very excited to teach for The Joffrey Ballet School!

Children's Dance Instructor

Nicole Ohr

Also a Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor.

Nicole Ohr is a professional tap dancer based in NYC. She was the Tap Dance Captain of Undertoe Dance Project and Mazel Toes Dance Company and has also performed with Boston Tap Company. She’s had the opportunity of working with choreographers such as Felipe Galganni, Jared Grimes and Max Pollak, along with performing in shows such as Broadway Underground at B.B. King’s, the Main Event, Tap and Song and Rhythm in Motion at Symphony Space, Jacob’s Pillow, and The PULSE on Tour . You can find Nicole tapping in the Step Up 3D Broadway Dance Center’s promotional video, Jason Janas’ instructional DVD and Aaron Tolson’s Solepower promo video. As a choreographer, Nicole has had her work presented at the Undertoe Dance New York Season, The Astoria Dance Festival, Jared Grimes’ Run The Night and Justin Boccitto’s Choreographer’s Canvas, Dance Astoria, Choreographers’ Collective and Queensboro Dance Festival. She is also the co-producer of Dance Astoria. As a teacher, she has had the opportunity to assist Barbara Duffy at Tap City (NY City Tap Festival) and  is currently working as a dance Instructor and choreographer (various styles) in Connecticut and throughout the NYC area along with being a teaching artist for Undertoe Dance Company’s Tappy Hour® and a sub at Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

Youth Ballet Instructor

Marina Bogdonova

Also a Ballet Trainee Instructor.

Marina Bogdonova was born in Russia and graduated from the Perm Ballet School. She is currently Ballet Mistress at the NJ Ballet Company and has taught in South Korea, Columbia, Philadelphia, Texas, Ballet Royale and the Dance Explosion School of Maryland, Ballet school of Arizona, and New Jersey School of ballet. Her name is mentioned in the Big Ballet Encyclopedia of Russia. She has danced with Sverdlovsk State Theater of Opera and Ballet, Russian Moscow Ballet Company, South Carolina and NJ Ballet Company. Marina holds a MA in Choreography from the Slavic Academy of Theatre Arts in Moscow.

Youth Jazz and Contemporary Instructor

Emily Bufferd

A Producer, Choreographer, Teacher, and Performer, Emily Bufferd is the Producer of The Young Choreographer’s Festival, an annual event held in NYC presenting the most up and coming 18-25 year old choreographers, and the Artistic Director of BEings dance; a concert company presenting work in many genres.

“Emily Bufferd continues to impact the New York dance scene.” –

Emily’s concert choreography has been presented at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Joyce SoHo, Symphony Space, the 92nd St. Y, New York Moves, The Showcase Series presented by :pushing progress, The Choreographer’s Canvas, The Gershwin Hotel, The Elan Summer Dance Festival, and Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, among others, and has been commissioned for dance companies and private studios around the country and abroad.

Emily has been featured by Dance Spirit, Dance Informa, and Dance Mogul Magazine, as well as on the television show ‘Inside NYC Dance’ for her work with The Young Choreographer’s Festival.

“Emily Bufferd, the festival producer and an emerging choreographer herself, did an outstanding job of collecting the talent for this showcase of young voices.” – Dance Informa.

She has served on the selection committees for the 2010-2014 Wave Rising Series and as a guest host for the Hatch Presenting Series at Jennifer Muller/The Works Studio.  She is also the Co-Producer of APAP at Peridance Capezio Center.

As a dancer, Emily has been on The View with recording artist Outkast, The 2013 Beanstalk Foundation Event, World Dance Movement Gala/Jason Parsons, Carnival/Choreographer’s Ball, International Dance Festival, and has had the pleasure of working with Choreographers such as Michèle Assaf, Jaqueline Baligian, Sheila Barker, Bruno Collinet, Ginger Cox, Pam Chancey, and Shelly Hutchinson, among others.  She has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Kravis Center, Lincoln Center, Hollywood PAC, and The Variety Arts Theater, and has appeared in print and online media for World Dance Movement and The Ailey Extension.

Emily can currently be found working on several upcoming projects and teaching in NYC.

Children's Dance Instructor

Tessa Crawford

Also a Youth Ballet Instructor.

Tessa Crawford originates from Columbia, Missouri where she began dancing at the age of 3 and competitively dancing at the age of 5. She did most of her training and competing at Columbia Performing Arts Centre where she was given the opportunity to study and train under teachers and choreographers such as Benoit Swan Pouffer, Kristen Weiser, Jon Bond, Jennifer Parsley, Jessica Lee Keller, Jennifer Lee, Colleen Pratt, and many more. Throughout her competition career Tessa received many top scoring awards along with many regional and national titles.

After high school Tessa was one of 16 accepted into The Hartt School Dance Division BFA program, under the direction of Stephen Pier. Tessa spent 4 years intensely studying and training in various styles such as Ballet, Pointe work, Graham, Limon, and Contemporary. During her 4 years at Hartt Tessa was able to work with many influential choreographers and artists in the field. These individuals include but are not limited to Nina Watt, Hilda Morales, Samantha Dunster, Gregory Dolbashian, Loni Landon, Take Ueyama, and Charlotte Griffin. In May of 2014 Tessa graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Hartt School with a BFA in Dance performance.

Tessa has been fortunate enough to have gained additional training by attending programs around the country such as Cedar Lake 360 (2011 and 2013), Tulsa Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, and Northwest Dance Project (2014). She also has traveled overseas to train at The Julidanse Festival in Amsterdam, NL.

Tessa currently resides in New York City where she is a professional dancer in the city. She currently is dancing for The DASH Ensemble, under the direction of Gregory Dolbashian, along with being a part of a new show, “Que Sera Sera”, produced and directed by Shirlene Quigley. Tessa also does freelance work around the city and teaches and choreographs at various studios around the country.

Youth Dance Jazz & Contemporary Instructor

Carolina Rivera

Carolina Rivera was born in Santiago (Chile) were she began her training at the prestigious school of ballet of Teatro Municipal de Santiago. Continuing her studies, she majored in Dance at the University of Chile with High Honors and the Excellence Award “Isidora Zegers Montenegro”.

In Chile, Carolina has performed as a Soloist and as a Ensemble in various operas at the renowned Teatro Municipal de Santiago, with the musical theatre companies Tea-M-Danz and Dance & Stage and in multiple venues. Her desire to pursue a career in Dance brought her to New York where she was a scholarship recipient at the Martha Graham School and joined Graham II, performing soloist roles (El Penitente) and chorus in the major pieces of Graham repertory as Chronicle, Ritual to the Sun, Heretic, Appalachian Spring, Rite of Spring and others. She has dance works by Jacqulyn Buglisi, Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner, Blakeley White- McGuire, Lone Larsen, Martin Lofsnes, Edgar Cortes, Alison Cook Beatty, Shawn Rawls and Martha Graham.

She has performed with 360 Dance Company, Edgar Cortes Dance Theater, Gwen Rakotovao Company and Anabella Lenzu Dance Drama. Currently can be seen with Alison Cook Beatty Dance and Emotions Physical Theater. Besides the performance of her own work at different venues in NY and Chile throughout the year. Carolina is also a Figure 4 instructor at Pure Yoga.

Children's Dance Instructor

Gisela Quinteros

Also a Youth Ballet Instructor.

Born in Argentina. Started dance at age 8 later she got an scholarship at 12 years old for Southwest Ballet Center Houston,Texas directed by William Martin-Viscount. In Buenos Aires at age 14 she studied with Estela Erman and got an scholarship in 1994 to go to The Conservatoire de Dreux, France Director Georges Piletta and also studied with Joseph Lazzini. Later studied with Olga Ferri and Enrique Lommi and Pierre Lacotte invited her to join the Ballet National de Nancy et Lorraine, France from 1995 until 2000 with worldwide touring. Danced in different venues such as Théâtre Champs Élysée, Palais du Festival de Cannes, Théâtre Lausanne, Festival De Spoleto, among others. Also toured in Finland, Russia (Bolshoi Theater), China, Brasil, with classical and neoclassical repertory. She graduated from the Conservatoire National de Musique et Danse de Nancy in 1997 with Médaille de Vermeil. In 2001 she moved to New York and danced for Lincoln Jones, Caron Eule, Kenny Larson, David Fernandez, Abel Costa, Amanda Selwyn, Erin Hunter, Westminster Ballet, Christopher Caines Dance Company, Douglas Dunn, Open Project Director Cornelius Brown.

In 2012 starts choreographing and she co-founded ENCOUNTERS Dance. Inspired with Edgar Peterson and produced performances at The Ailey Citigroup Theater and The Bowery Electric. In 2013 she started a new collaboration with artist/sculptor David Rodriguez Caballero. In 2014 she joined Benjamin Briones Ballet. She is grateful to Kenny Larson, Zvi Gotheiner, Miro Magloire for all his teachings. In 2015 she founded Bonds and Art, this company is an ongoing project that shares special bonds created through art and movement, work has been performed at Gibney Dance Series.

She discovered her passion for teaching and loves to share her knowledge to all ages and levels. Currently she also teaches at Ballet Arts, New York City Center, Ballet&Body NYC. The Great Neck School of Dance.