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Artist Series



The Artist Series is a 4 Week session with a specific guest artist and/or genre of dance. This is similar to our Workshops, however shorter in length, so the dancer can either trial a certain New York-based artist or genre, or simply zoom in to that style for only 4 weeks. The Artist Series offered are constantly changing, so keep on the lookout for some of your favorites!

Each Artist Series requires pre-registration with a commitment to the entire series. This is not a drop-in class. All dancers registered are offered an intimate and magnetic environment where the dancers grow together!

Dancers are expected to adhere to the Joffrey Ballet School Dress Code. Students may wear any form-fitting clothing that they can comfortably move in, such as a leotard and tights or a tank top or t-shirt with exercise pants or leggings. Excessive jewelry is not allowed.

Ballet shoes are mandatory for ballet classes

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As the beginner workshop starts to come to a close, I just wanted to tell you how great it has worked out with Jessica. She makes us work really hard and yet is incredibly supportive and encouraging at the same time. I am so grateful for her careful eye and then her feedback during her regular classes. I really appreciate the continuity of working with her throughout the week and then more closely in the workshop. It’s exactly the kind of environment I was looking for and is better than all the other beginner workshops I’ve tried at other studios.

I’m deeply in love with the crumbling, unrenovated, late-70s vibe of the building. The studios are boiling hot, but that’s good for your flexibility. And the oversized windows look out on Sixth Ave and 10th Street, which makes you feel like you’re in a Woody Allen movie. In short, I truly adore the Joffrey Ballet School.

As an adult beginner with no previous dance experience whatsoever, I tried out many beginner ballet classes around the city and found most unsatisfying–crowded, with little personal attention. I’d read about the Joffrey Absolute Beginner Workshop and although it seemed daunting– class 4x a week– I was tired of wasting money and time and learning nothing elsewhere. I took the workshop this past October and it was fantastic. The class breaks down everything starting from the basic positions to how to follow the barre and some basic center work.

After the workshop, you will not know everything about ballet, but you will know far more than when you started, and have enough knowledge to attend regular classes and improve on what you learned. I found the workshop so valuable that I took it again the next time it was offered and learned just as much this time around.