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NTD Chinese Dance

NTD’s 2012 Classical Chinese Dance Competition

NTD Television’s "International Classical Chinese Dance Competition" is one of a series of international cultural and art events sponsored by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD). NTD’s goal is to launch a new era in classical Chinese dance by promoting authentic traditional dance that displays purity, goodness and beauty. The competition will foster cultural exchange and understanding, and will establish classical Chinese dance as a world-renowned art form.

Classical Chinese dance has its foundation in China’s divinely inspired culture of five thousand years. Like any classical art, classical Chinese dance is not only rich in variety but also tremendously rigorous. It has its own complete set of training methods in fundamentals, and a strict regimen for perfecting a dancer’s “bearing” (yun) and “form” (shenfa). As well as a means to train a dancer’s ability to perform jumps, spins, flips, and other demanding aerial techniques. A dancer must also be imbued with traditional Chinese culture in order to fully portray, within a dance piece, a given character’s disposition or state of mood, or convey the sensibilities of a particular region or dynasty.

During the past several decades, classical Chinese dance has lost some of its traditional values, and is often mixed with other dance forms and styles. NTD’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition is the only international platform with a mission to revive, develop and promote authentic classical Chinese dance. Our Competition has quickly gained recognition and has continued to attract more and more talented artists as participants.

NTD’s Competition is looking for dancers from around the world who have been professionally and systematically trained in classical Chinese dance. Dancers who currently are performing in dance troupes or performing arts companies; as well as dance instructors, students from professional arts academies or dance schools may also register and participate.

Our panel of judges is comprised of highly accomplished dance experts, including principle dancers and choreographers from SHEN YUN Performing Arts. Shen Yun is a world-class performing arts company, which produces yearly shows, with the core of its shows being large-scale classical Chinese dance pieces. Shen Yun has toured around the world for the past six years with tremendous success. They recently finished 10 sold-out shows at Lincoln Center in New York this April. For more information, please visit

The Competition is divided into three rounds: preliminary, semi-final, and final. The entire event will take place over 3 consecutive days, with each round being one day. The Competition consists of four divisions: Adult Division Female & Male (age 18-40), Junior Division Female & Male (age 13-17). For each round, every contestant must perform a solo routine 2-3.5 minutes in length and a set of required movements 1-2.5 minutes in length. Every performance is in front of our judging panel. After the final round: 1 gold winner, 1 silver winner and 2 bronze prizewinners for each division will be determined. The top eligible prize is $10,000. Please visit for details.

In addition to awards for our contestants our competition gives dancers an opportunity to display their talent and begin a successful career, by having a live audience for our semifinal and final rounds. Our audience members in the past have been greatly impressed by all the beautiful and diverse dance routines performed by our contestants. Both western and eastern audience members appreciate greatly our contestants’ performances as a wonderful cultural experience.

This year’s Dance Competitions will be held at Tribeca Performing Arts Center on October 25-27th. The prices of the tickets are $30 for our semi-final round and $35 for our final round. Discounts are available for students and groups. NTD Television goes through great efforts to fully promote the competition through media, Internet, and promotional events as well as through partnerships, such as with the world-renowned Joffrey Ballet School.


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