Instructor Training


As a dancer, your career will progress and take you from opportunity to opportunity. A vast majority of dancers supplement their income with instruction. In order to be a well-rounded dancer, you will need the skills to survive in this highly competitive environment. the Joffrey Ballet School provides a dance instruction curriculum. This is one of the most unique programs in the country. We teach basic principles of philosophy and methodology, using the creative process and the application of teaching dance to young children. You will be mentored by Children’s Program Faculty members in a real-world children’s class environment and assist the instructor in class. The class goes beyond the teaching assistant role. It explores age-appropriate dance technique and creative dance in a studio setting. the students will build connections between creative dance and classical ballet. The course introduces students to early childhood education, child development, the principles of Rudolf Labaan and various teaching philosophies, including those of Ms. Jo Matos, the Director of the children’s Dance Department, and how each can be applied in the studio setting. It identifies methods used in teaching children age-appropriate technique using the creative process, as the Joffrey Ballet School provides the laboratory for students to observe, assist, learn, and teach children. In the end you will have the instructional experience and education that will empower you to teach children at any dance institution. training Goals and objectives:

1. Learn & Demonstrate methods of teaching age-appropriate technique to young children.

2. Integrate the elements of dance - Specifically space, time, force, the body, and relationships – with the teaching of young children.

3. Learn to evoke creative problem-solving responses from the children using creative dance.

4. Demonstrate teaching competency through experiences in planning, writing and teaching children in the lab setting.

5. incorporate teaching experiences and feedback from Joffrey Ballet School faculty into classroom discussion.

6. Develop a positive philosophy of the value of dance for young children.

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